Thursday, September 23, 2010

TILT - stillness and observation

Apologies for my weeklong absence. I've been sick since Sunday and trying to relax. Joe has been awesome, getting E ready for school in the mornings and taking her in for me, plus doing dishes and making lunch and dinner for us. He's been really helpful, which is nice because usually when I'm sick I have to just march on and do everything for myself anyway. I feel special!

I've been spending lots of time on the couch and in bed, resting. TV kind of sucks now, and aside from regular night time shows we watch together we usually just watch movies or kids programs. So I've spent a fair amount of time in silence or listening to music. I do laundry here and there, but mostly I'm just resting.

I've noticed lots more in the stillness of the week. It's strange how when you're busy with chores, bills, or just every day stuff how seldom we take the time to pause, breathe, and be still. And with that, sometimes when I pause there is still chaos…thoughts of things that need doing, people who need calling, and so on.

As I type now I can hear Sable giving herself a cat bath and purring. She was really frustrated and sat herself next to me to get even with Miss Marvel.

I'm able to witness their interactions more organically now. Usually when Joe and Eleana are home we don't notice the drama leading up to the hisses and the barking. But in the stillness of the day I saw the two of them, kitty and doggy, argue without using any words.


Sable loves the sunshine patches on the floor during the day. She falls asleep in them every day, one on the stairs and one in the living room. When she wakes up she eats and then goes back to her sunshine patch to nap some more. She found a really nice patch in the family room today, and planted herself at the tip of it just before Miss Marvel came trotting along. Miss Marvel plopped down right in the middle of the sunshine as if to say, "Hey, doggies love sunshine too," and Sable did not like that. Undoubtedly Sable was preparing to venture into the patch fully and found it offensive that the dog took her spot before she could act. I had to take photos of the two of them in the sunshine…their expressions were so priceless.

on the edge

Sable eventually figured the dog wasn't moving, so to spite her she came with me to the couch and has been sitting here with me since. To heck with the dog and her sunshine hogginess.


So the thing I love today is being able to witness these little interactions, the moments the two furbabies have with each other before they try killing each other.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

things I love thursday - creepy fog

Alaska fog

It's kind of creepy, right? I took this picture of our street this morning at 10am. The fog settled in two nights ago and made everything look very creepy. That evening everything almost looked apocalyptic with the yellowish street lights glowing in the fog.

E in the fog

It makes everything look so very halloweeny. Eleana loved walking to school in the fog yesterday morning. The fog looks thinner in the afternoon, but it thickens up overnight. It's amazing. People are going to work later because of the low visibility and I can hear the ships in Port Anchorage blowing their fog horns. The only thing I don't hear is jet noise. It's actually almost eerie, the lack of jet noise given we live on an Air Force base.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

things I love thursday

Morning kisses
Originally uploaded by soleclaw23

Morning kisses! Miss Marvel is cuddliest at bedtime and in the morning. Eleana is constantly kissing her and hugging her when she wakes up but this was the first time I captured her grabbing Miss Marvel by the face. Moments like this remind me of why I love having Miss Marvel in our family.

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